• Hey farmers,

    we want to inform you that we have rules on our forum! :thumbup:

    | By using our forum, we assume that you have read and understood the rules listed below and that you are familiar with the consequences that result in violating them.

    » In general you have to be friendly and stay resepectful, insults of any kind even just for fun are prohibited!
    ➥ This also includes racist, reprehensible or anti-constitutional messages or pictures.

    » Profilepictures must not show any sort of pornographic, racist or insulting content.

    » Advertisement in any form is prohibited! Only in the ⁠promotion channel. Profile information advertisement is allowed, but no scam links, this will be permanently banned.

    » Private informations like phonenumbers, addresses, passwords and anything that falls in that category must not be shared publicly.

    » No indecent or annoying names. That also includes names that are the same or identical to already joined members.

    » The marketplace is for casual chatting only, it must not be used for any kind of private discussion.

    » To pretend a rulebreak or to provoke a ban intentionally is prohibited.

    » Spamming is not allowed! This includes: » Sending unnecessary messages who have nothing to do with the chats topic.

    » Character-spamming as well as emoji-spamming

    » Picture-spamming

    » Dealing with people has to be done friendly and respectful. Verbal insults against other users are strongly prohibited!

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