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» Check out some sneak peaks featuring some in-game screenshots!


» Goodgame Farmer is a great farm simulator where you can enjoy the beautiful country life and manage your virtual farm. Some of the things you can do include growing crops and trees, caring for farm animals, and earning lots of achievements and upgrades. Expand and improve your farmstead and play with your friends from all over the world in this fun and cute game!

| Insights into our ingame screenshots


| We started the beta, and as of now, you can create your own account!
| All you need to do is to click on "REGISTER" and create your account with your email, password, and username.
| Features like "PLAY NOW" will be coming in the next few updates.

We will never ask you out for your password. DO NOT reveal your password to anyone you don't know and trust.

Game spoiler

» SHOP: Plants (#2)

| Plant whatever you want that is available in the shop.
| You can initially plant up to 64 crops.
| For every crop you successfully harvest, you receive XP and money.

Game spoiler

» SHOP: Expand (#3)

| Did you run out of space? No more tiles to grow more crops? You can easily expand your farm with gold and money.
| Level up to unlock more room for your farm.

Game spoiler

» LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Have fun (#4)

| The most important thing is to have fun.
| Enjoy your stay on your farm and with your friends.
| You can donate us via Patreon to support our work and access the beta.
| More information can be found on our Discord!

Game spoiler